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How Old Must I Be?

All events are ladies 18+ and men 21+ to enter. You must be 21+ to purchase alcohol. Please bring a valid form of ID.

Is Smoking Allwoed?

There is no smoking allowed throughout La Rosa.

Is There a Dress Code?

La Rosa reserves the right to refuse

entry to anyone based upon attire,

lack of dress code compliance

will result in no entry.

Where do I park?

Parking is not available on site

  • Ride Share drop off/pick up:
    49 N Orange Ave
    Orlando, FL 32801

  • Parking
    The Regions Bank garage will be open at:
    111 N Orange Ave
    Orlando, FL 32801

Is There a Lost & Found?

Anything found in the venue

is taken to our main offices. If you have happened to misplace and item please contact us directly and bring a valid form of ID in order to reclaim said item.

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